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It all started in 1960 with our grandfather and grandmother. Our grandfather was the mayor of Marpissa and our grandmother worked in hospitality & tourism of the first foreign and Greek tourists in Paros. She showed so much love and care in the way she treated her guests that the business grew rapidly. She started with 2 rooms and 5 years later, she ended up having 10 rooms, a traditional café and a Greek tavern. Faithful guests came for decades at our grandmothers premises in order to experience the myth of the Greek vacation in an extraordinary beach such as Logaras. Apart from the beautiful location next to the beach, guests were tasting the local specialities in her tavern and traditional café which are placed discreetly right next to the houses.


The love and the hospitality spirit of our grandparents was passed on to their kids (our parents) and in turn to us. We strive to continue our family tradition of 60 years in our new and fully renovated premises in Logaras. The philosophy is always maintained and everything is placed with harmony to the local architecture.


We promise you that you will enjoy unique moments with your friends and family; moments of relaxation as the Greek hospitality and culture promise. We are waiting for you to continue the tradition and to create new generation of happy guests who will honor us with their presence for many years to come.


See you soon!

Dionisis & Konstantinos

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